Jul 29

Celebration at the Station featuring “The Menus”

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Hilliard's Station Park

Free live music at Hilliard’s Station Park in Old Hilliard on Thursdays from June 3 – August 12 during Hilliard’s DORA (designated outdoor refreshment area).

The Menus were formed in 1983 in a basement on the West side of Cincinnati, Ohio. Front man and lead singer Tim Goldrainer is the key ingredient in capturing their large audience, with a crazy, colorful wardrobe, kicking confetti-filled balloons hoisted high over his head, as well as a strong, warm singing style. The excellent guitar work of Stephen Chiodi and unmovable bass lines of John Castetter add an outstanding mixture in the band’s chemistry. Jimi Orwig’s keyboards give them a thick, full sound, with some wonderful leads and Hammond B-3 work easily noticed on their debut CD, Infinite Recess.

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