Sep 13

“Drive-in” Concert Series featuring “Betty Bangs”

7:00 pm - Hilliard Civic & Cultural Arts Center (HCCAC), Center Street, Hilliard, OH, USA

The Hilliard Arts Council Presents their Summer Concert Series as a “Drive-In” to ensure social distancing. These live concerts will take place in front of the Hilliard Civic and Cultural Arts Center, 5425 Center Street on the grass between the front door and the mural. Patrons are invited to pull their cars up and listen and can also get out of their cars and sit in chairs in front of them or on the driveway in front of the theatre.

This week’s concert : Betty Bangs

Self described as “A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll, a little bit martian-blasting space cowboys.”

Betty Bangs is Americana for music fans with Rock-centric tastes. Rather than simple acoustic numbers with hints of Country, Betty Bangs is true Electric Americana. They mix up American roots styles like Country, Blues, Soul, and Rockabilly with a Rock ‘n’ Roll punch. All musicians are exquisite on their respective instruments. Abby Musick possesses a rich and expressive voice that makes all songs shine.