Sep 24


Handicapped Scotch Doubles Tournament

12:30 pm - Bankshot Billiards & Bar, Hilliard Rome Road
Admission Cost: $40 entry fee per team

Handicapped Scotch Doubles Tournament. Any combination of scotch doubles teams whose Fargo ratings combined equal 1000 or less at the time of registration. (This is not a Jack and Jill – 2 guys, 2 girls, 1 guy and 1 girl; any combination is fine). This is a ONE DAY event. Expect to be there all day and night! This will be a ball count race tournament according to your team’s Fargo rating vs your opponent’s in the winners bracket. Race to 2 in the loser’s bracket. Must have a Fargo rating with a minimum of 200 games. As always, no pro or road players. BCA rules. $40 entry fee per team. Doors open at 12pm. Calcutta starts SHARPLY at 12:30pm. Click the link to reserve your team’s spot! This will be a potluck. Additionally, your rating will be locked in at the time of sign-up (pre-registration), not the day of the tournament.

To sign up, visit:…/1FAIpQLSfSxI5zVbClF6…/viewform.