Dec 23


Wine Tasting with the Hilliard Wine Club

5:00 pm - Coffee Connections of Hilliard, Main Street, Hilliard, OH, USA

On Freestyle night – just bring a bottle to share. Bring a snack to share if you are able. And we may have some left over wines to clear out! Glasses are provided. On Freestyle night there is no formal wine tasting as there typically is on other Fridays. Take Care. See you there.

Parking: There are several public parking lots nearby the Coffee Connections Annex. Check Google maps to scope out your space. Please do not park behind the annex as I need access to the back doors for setup. Anyone who is early could easily find a parking space on the street out front.

Glasses: …will be provided. Please note that after the wine tasting, the glasses need to be returned to the boxes at the service table.

Food: You are welcome to bring a snack to share. It is not required. Most people do though. If no one brings anything, there will be nothing.

Code of Conduct: Though mostly understood, it’s still worth mentioning. We don’t have rules per se, but we highly discourage the following topics of discussions because they are likely to incite anti-social responses – Sex, Politics, Religion. Please don’t mistake this as an attempt to limit your free speech rights but rather a guide to a place and time for appropriate discussions.

Door Charge: The pandemic has changed our economic reality and the space at the Coffee Connections Annex is no longer free to us. Since we now need to pay for the space each week, I am asking for a voluntary $5 donation from each of you as a door charge.

After the lights go out: After the last sip of wine, when we clean up and turn the lights out, if you still haven’t had enough of us, it is typical for a group to get together and go to a local eatery for food and/or drinks or coffee.