Nov 18


Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

11:30 am - 1:00 pm Alive Mvmt + Yoga, Norwich Street, Hilliard, OH, USA
Admission Cost: $35 per class

Women’s Self-Defense Workshop:

Empowerment and Safety

Discover your inner strength and gain essential self-defense skills in our empowering Women’s Self-Defense Workshop.  at Alive MVMT for an interactive session led by experienced martial artist and self-defense teacher, Ashley.

Instructor: Ashley – Martial Artist and Self-Defense Expert
Price: $35 per participant
Skill Level: All levels and fitness backgrounds
Focus: Practical self-defense techniques for women’s safety.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Master effective self-defense techniques tailored for women.
  • Boost your awareness and confidence in challenging situations.
  • Learn to escape from common holds, grabs, and attacks
  • Develop a strong mindset to enhance your personal safety
  • Ashley’s expert guidance based on years of martial arts and self-defense experience.

Workshop Highlights:


  • Practice techniques in a supportive and encouraging environment
  • Learn how to use your body’s natural strengths for defense
  • Gain insights into situational awareness and self-protection strategies
  • Empower yourself with essential skills for various real-life scenarios.

How to Register:

Secure your spot by registering on their website at or through the Mindbody app.

Why Attend:

This workshop offers more than just physical techniques – it’s an opportunity to build confidence, awareness, and resilience. Join us to connect with like-minded women, learn from an experienced instructor, and take a vital step towards ensuring your safety.

Don’t miss out on this chance to equip yourself with life-enhancing skills. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

Please note that workshop details are subject to change. Stay updated through their website and social media for any announcements or modifications.