Apr 09

Hilliard Darby High School Spring Musical: Calvin Berger

7:00 pm - Hilliard Darby High School
Admission Cost: General Admission: $10, Children/Senior Citizens: $5, Students: $7

Hilliard Darby Theatre presents their spring musical, “Calvin Berger.”

At a contemporary high school, Calvin Berger is smitten by the beautiful Rosanna, but he feels insecure because of the size of his nose. Rosanna, in turn, is attracted to the good-looking newcomer, Matt, who is painfully shy and inarticulate around her, although the attraction is mutual. Hoping to get closer to Rosanna through his eloquent love notes, Calvin offers to be Matt’s “speech writer,” all the while ignoring the signals of attraction from another girl, his best friend, Bret. When the deception unravels, everybody’s friendship is seriously jeopardized, but Calvin eventually realizes that his preoccupation with his appearance had led him astray, and his eyes are opened to Bret, who’d been there all along.

To buy tickets, visit http://www.darbytheatre.com/.